About Us

Established in 1963, JET-SET® is the industry standard for hydraulic spray lubrication technology. JET-SET® changed the game for piston pump spray systems when they introduced the 9100 series pump. The JET-SET® 9100 pumps’ reliability, repeatability and low cost of maintenance are unrivaled in the metal forming industry. JET-SET® has been helping stampers extend die life, improve quality and save money for over 50 years.

In June of 2010, P&G Fluid Power, Inc. bought JET-SET® and brought them under their family of companies. JET-SET® spray systems have a long history of superior performance with very little maintenance and P&G’s staff has over 75 years of combined experience helping stampers, machine builders and maintenance professionals select the proper lubrication equipment for their applications. The combination of superior performance and management, coupled with exceptional engineering and manufacturing capabilities made JET-SET® a perfect fit for the P&G family.